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Program November 9 and 10, 2023

Dual Mode: In-person and Online

Place: José Zorrilla Auditorium, UTEM. 390 eighteenth street, Santiago, Metropolitan Region, Chile

 November 9, 2023 




Greeting from authorities


Good practices of Open Government in Subnational Governments. 

  • Ms. Karina Delfino Mussa, Vicepresident of the Chilean Association of Municipalities. 

  • Mr. Matías Salazar, Director of the Santiago Metro and Head of the Planning and Regional Development Division of the Regional Government of Santiago de Chile.

  • Mr. Daniel Cravacuore, Director of the Territorial Development Center of the National University of Quilmes, Argentina.

  • Mr. Franz Chavarria, Academic of the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco.

  • Ms. Roxana Silva Chicaiza, Associate Researcher of CIGECYT and the Citizen Movement Organization of Ecuador


Sr. Ignacio Ortiz Vila, Academic and General Coordinator of International Relations, Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero of Argentina UNTREF.


Coffe break



Challenges of the Open State and the Modernization of the State

  • Mr. Mauricio Silva, Minister of the Most Excellent Supreme Court of Chile, Member of the Open State table of Chile.

  • Yamhidlla Bica Destéffanis, Head of the Department of Studies and Gender of the Division of Social Organizations of the General Secretariat Ministry of Government.

  • Mr. Magnus Emmendoerfer, Academic University of Vicosa, Brazil and former president of the Brazilian Society of Public Administration – SBAP.

  • Mr. Ricardo Mena, Program Officer, southern cone office, of International IDEA, International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance.

  • Mr. Daniel Flores Muñoz, Academic and Researcher, University of Cartagena, Colombia.


Mr. Víctor Osorio, Former Minister of State, Director of National and International Relations of the Metropolitan Technological University UTEM



Words from Ms. Marisol Durán Santis, Rector of UTEM.


Keynote Talk: Mr. Rodrigo Lavandero, Interministerial Coordinator of Modernization Government of Chile



 November 10, 2023 


Registration of participants



Innovation in Public Management: Good practices in telecommunications, Transportation, artificial intelligence and Big Data.

  • Mr. Rolando Muzzin, Argentine Experience, Academic Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero of Argentina UNTREF.

  • Ms. Gloria Hutt, Former Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications Government of Chile.

  • Mr. José Luis Solleiro Rebolledo, Researcher at the Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology, National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM.

  • Mr. Patrichs Rosales M. Deputy Director of Strategic Administration Hospital Eloísa Diaz de la Florida.

  • Ms. Talina Olvera Mejías, Coordinator Doctorate in Public Policies Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.


Mr. Felipe Enero Segovia, Professor of the Master's Degree in Public Management at the Metropolitan Technological University UTEM


Coffe break



Innovation in Public Management: Emerging issues and challenges.

  • Mr. Orlando Rojas, Executive Director of the Government Laboratory Ministry of Finance of Chile

  • Mr. Joaquín García Hernández, Head of the Academy of Political Sciences and Public Administration, Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico.

  • Mr. Manuel Henríquez, Executive Director of the Chilean Fiscal Expenditure Observatory

  • Ms. Angelica Vega Hernández, Director of the School of Public Administration of the University of Costa Rica


Ms. María Alejandra Benítez, Representative of the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia on the Board of Directors of the University of Cartagena of Colombia



“Trends and challenges of the Modernization and Innovation of Public Policies”

  • Mr. Francesc Trillas, Economist and academic Autonomous University of Barcelona. Member of the board of the Rafael Campalans Foundation of Catalonia. Former Councilor of the Barcelona City Council.

  • Mr. Álvaro Ramírez Alujas, GIGAPP Research Academic, Research Group on Government, Administration and Public Policies. Professor of the MGPP of the University of Chile.

  • Ms. Valeria Lübbert Álvarez, Executive Secretary Presidential Advisory Commission for Public Integrity and Transparency, Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency.


Mr. Alejandro Guillier, Journalist, former Presidential candidate and UTEM academic.




Auditorio José Zorrilla, UTEM. calle dieciocho 390, Santiago, Región Metropolitana

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